Lesson Costs

You'll find that lesson time just sails by as you'll be enjoying each session and learning a lot in the process.

Lessons are minimum of 2 Hours @ £70

10 hour blocks can be purchased at a reduced rate of £330 working out to be good value at £33 / hr

Pay here: 


The Syllabus

We will follow the DVSA recommended syllabus to ensure all subjects are assimilated before you're test ready.

Each lesson is booked via TotalDrive app and follows a clear objective.  Pupils can reflect on their progress whilst with the instructor and via app.

Pupils progress using the following process

Introduced. The subject is introduced whilst the pupil is able to follow the instructions they’re given.

Helped. Pupil is improving but still needs a bit of help.

Prompted. Sometimes pupil needs prompting, especially if it’s a new or unusual situation.

Independent. Pupil is dealing with this consistently, confidently and independently.

Reflection. In conversation, pupil shows that they understand how things would have been different if they had done something differently. They can adapt to situations and see why perfecting the skill makes them safer and more energy-efficient.